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24.06.2018 - Privacy policy, cookie policy, encryption.
05.10.2013 - Updated Hiscores and Combat Calculator.
07.08.2013 - Links updated, old links are redirected to the new.
10.06.2013 - New desing. I used my PHP-Fusion theme RuneScape and I edited it a little bit.
05.12.2012 - Edited Stats Signatures, Hiscores and Combat Calculator.
02.11.2010 - Ending graphics creation. Since today is just for me.
14.10.2010 - Deleted Stepi´s Combat Calculator and added minigame Conquest to Hiscores.
13.08.2010 - Added guide Bank PIN.
10.08.2010 - Added my Stat Signatures.
13.06.2010 - Added minigame Castle Wars Games to Hiscore.
19.05.2010 - Added skill Dungeoneering to Hiscore.
11.01.2010 - I made my Hiscores, I deleted Iframe of Stepi15.
13.11.2009 - Added tutorial Set Recovery Questions.
12.09.2009 - Added RuneScape Video.
11.09.2009 - New Graphics and edited Hiscores.
23.08.2009 - Edited Graphics on Request, Chat isnt IFRAME but INCLUDE.
09.07.2009 - Edited RuneScape Hiscores and added Mobilising Armies.
05.07.2009 - I programmed RuneScape Hiscores and I link to this panel RuneScape Hiscores.
03.07.2009 - I have Combat calculator in PHP Script by Stepi15.
                       To my Combat Calcluator I made Grab Stat from Hiscores (Thanks, Stepi15).
02.07.2009 - Edited all Signatures at Graphics. New effects.
29.06.2009 - I made Combat calculator and Max Hit Calculator.
03.06.2009 - Edited Stat Signatures and Chat.
02.06.2009 - New Panels RuneScape Hiscores a Grand Exchange.
27.04.2009 - Instructions at Graphics on Request.
                       I am making all from my Graphics now.
19.04.2009 - I copied all graphics to CD.
                       When you want change your signature write to me.
18.04.2009 - Edited graphics and added Avatars and Banners. Added Links.
21.03.2009 - Edited all Signatures at Graphics, added tutorial Chat Effects.
19.01.2009 - New Web and New Style.
                       Not PHP-Fusion now.
02.08.2008 - New web for player of RuneScape. System PHP-Fusion.
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