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Recovery Questions

Author : Viktor 36
Last Update : 13.11.2009

Recovery Questions you need for all characters. Set it immediately after make account. It helps to you in many situations. I have it from own experience. When someone steal your account it helps to you. When you set it first so the changes take effect immediately but when you change it you must wait 14 days. When someone steal your account, he want first change password and then Recovery Question. But while he succes in this way account is back your.

Set Recovery Questions :

1. At Home Page of RuneScape click on Account and then Account Management


2. Search Account Security there and then Set Recovery Questions and then click Set Questions


3. Then you must log in


4. After logging finally comes the most important in setting Questions. Write your Questions and Answers and to try to guess nobody knew but remember all questions and answers. Answers will be written as a star that no one could see what you write.


5. After you write all click on "Submit Questions/Answers" and it is all.


I hope my guide helped you.
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